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Hello there!

2011-08-06 10:30:02 by MrTwisT

It's August here. Don't know about the rest of the world. It's warm. I want to say hi, so... HI! Again...

Just submitted Dark Pipes. More projects are along the way, keep your ears ready.


2011-07-02 18:18:17 by MrTwisT

Derp? So long already? MY LAST POST WAS IN SEPTEMBER?! Anyway. It's not like many people read these (Hello there random person!). Here is a message just to keep the date counter going.

Shoo, dust!

Sorry about missing out

2010-09-08 20:33:16 by MrTwisT

Hey all! Sorry about missing out on newgrounds. Moved back to Edinburgh, Uni starts soon. Anyway, enjoy some new stuff!

So, project Strechy is finished. It hasn't only got a proper name and the ending voice sequence needs remaking. But for now, I think I'll upload another project - something from the finished collection. Keep your ears open and those beats pumping.

Back home!

2010-06-04 08:31:52 by MrTwisT

Now that I'm back home from Uni, get ready for some new beats and basslines!

Get ready for some calm tracks

2010-05-20 07:26:59 by MrTwisT

Going to upload some very calm soundtracks I've made a while ago. Normally I use Ableton Live for music creation - it gives me more flexibility, but at the University my netbook can only handle FLStudio. So the next few tracks will be from my album "Live from the heart", which continues to grow, but very slowly :)

That's it. I finally got up to unleash the wave into the public. I haven't posted anything onto new grounds because I was just not ready to. I was lazy and never felt like uploading. But now I'm determined to get noticed. Get ready to ride the wave!